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Organized Crime Actor Christopher Meloni Trending on Twitter?

Is Organized Crime actor Christopher Meloni trend-worthy on Twitter? Here are a few reasons why. The actor is one of the most well-known faces in the world, with a fan-favorite character in the role of Michael Benson. A recent tweet from the actor shows that he’s a fan of the show. As far as Twitter goes, this is Meloni’s first real Twitter moment, and he’s definitely getting into the ‘Law & Order’ fan culture.

Christopher Meloni has long been a sex icon for fans of the Law & Order series, and has returned to play his character, Elliot Stabler, from the popular SVU. Although Stabler has been away from the show for the past decade, his appeal on Twitter is rooted in his role as a detective and the show’s franchise.

In April 2021, a fan shared a photo of Christopher Meloni in a park slope, while filming ‘Law & Order: SVU. The picture was immediately viral and drew over 33,000 likes. Meloni replied to the follower’s question, “Why is he trending on Twitter?”

While the actor was busy attending the 78th Annual Golden Globe(r) Awards, he reenacted his role on the hit television show. The crossover drew eight million fans, which he was not quite prepared for. However, he is starring in a new spin-off of ‘Law & Order’, which stars Dylan McDermott and Mariska Hargitay.

Another actor who’s been generating a lot of buzz on social media is Craig Meloni. Despite being extremely active on social media, he’s not always on Twitter, and his tweets can be easily missed. Recently, Meloni’s butt has also become a popular topic of conversation on the social networking site. After all, the actor is one half of a Stabler, and his butt is famous all over the world.

In addition to being the cover star of Men’s Health, the actor’s butt is a source of much fan fascination. Fans have started referring to the actor’s butt as a birthday cake. Fans regularly post pictures of the actor’s protruding rump. Fans also play along with the theming and one fan even asked him if his cake was fuzzy!

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