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What Happened to Elliot Stabler in Law and Order SVU?

The Season 13 premiere of Law and Order SVU featured a dramatic scene in which Stabler learns that Kathy is dead, and he begins a personal mission to find her killer. While he’s attempting to do the right thing, he’s also fighting against the evil forces of organized crime. However, this new episode of the hit show also reveals some interesting facts about Stabler.

The episode did not include a reference to the upcoming crossover episode of Law and Order: SVU and the popular CBS series. SVU’s absence is not a direct reflection on the character, though. Instead, it’s more likely to be connected to the character’s absence. In a nutshell, Stabler’s absence reveals that the character is too preoccupied by his own investigations. Benson’s case may have something to do with Stabler’s absence.

In the May 2011 season finale, Stabler almost convinced Jenna to drop her gun, but her attacker’s daughter taunted her and he fired a fatal shot to protect her. After that, Stabler stepped down as an NYPD detective, and Meloni, who played Stabler on the show, revealed that the actor left the show over a pay dispute, but never gave the character a proper exit from the show.

Benson’s absence has left an open wound for fans of Law and Order SVU. The former detective has reunited with Olivia Benson, and the two men have a story to tell each other about her alleged afroveganchick. Although the reunion was not entirely happy, Benson and Stabler’s chemistry will surely be palpably. A little while later, Benson’s character will reveal her secret.

Christopher Meloni, who played the character of Elliot Stabler on Law and Order SVU, has also reappeared on Law & Order: Organized 24hoursnews. This brings up the question of what happened to Stabler and what he’ll be doing in the new series. We’ll probably have to wait a couple of seasons to find out, but in the meantime, let’s try to understand his exit from Law and Order SVU.

In Season 6, Dr. Huang flagged Elliot for his over-emotional involvement in a murder investigation. He wasn’t very professional and crossed the line when it came to his emotional investment in the case.savefromnet In the end, he was forced to take a sick leave to avoid suspension. Despite his traumatic exit from the show, his character’s return has left fans scratching their heads.

In season 8, we learn that Stabler, who was previously the international liaison for the New York Police Department, went on a “walkabout.” He took up private security jobs overseas and eventually rejoined the NYPD after four years. He was a key witness in the trial of some minor players in kodakgallery, Italy. In the series finale, he appears in a shocking scene during which he testifies against the defendants.

Although Meloni left SVU after season 12, Stabler has been in good terms with Benson and Fin. He has been in contact with both of them but hasn’t been in touch with them in nearly a decade. Perhaps this episode is Stabler’s last goodbye to the show. If Stabler was still in the show, he’ll attend Benson’s award ceremony posthut.

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